RCC Hume Pipes

S.B. Patil Group has Three “RCC Hume Pipes” manufacturing units – well equipped with the standardized plant and machinery. The specification for the concrete and steel are adopted according to the Indian Standard specification for manufacture Pipes.

The RCC Hume pipes are also known as Spun pipes. We manufacture NP2, NP3 & NP4 class Pipes & NP2 Collars with a different sizes from 100 mm diameter to 2400 mm diameter.  Our Group capacity to produce the variety of sizes Hume Pipes 10,000 nos. Per Annum and supply to Private & Public sectors with quality and competitive rates.

The following are the 3 units of S.B Patil Group:

  1. Raja Cement Spun Pipe Works, Gulbarga
  2. Jyoti Cement Spun Pipe Works, Bijapur
  3. Maruti Cement Spun Pipe Works, Shahpur
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