S.B. PATIL GROUP owns warehouses in order to maintain stock and just in time concept for the on time production and fast delivery process. The group has two warehouses among one is attached to Kailash Transformers Pvt Ltd which has given to South India’s largest logistics and Media company VRL Group Ltd is which 25000 sq. ft spacious. In the 25000 sq. ft area, 10725 sq.ft is being used for Media and 14275 sq. ft is being used for logistics purpose. The purpose behind the establishment of VRL Logistics and Media is to concentrate and focus the Entire North  Karnataka Supply Chain Operations and Media Practices.

S.B. PATIL MINERALS PVT LTD WAREHOUSE, Near Belur Cross, Gulbarga. Located in the prime place of Kapnoor Industrial Phase -2 which is exclusively for Fullers Earth Powder of S.B. Patil Minerals Pvt. Ltd. The warehouse is used to store the Fullers Earth Powder stock to concentrate and speed up the delivery process to cater the domestic and international clinets on time.

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